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2012 our owner received the top 20 under 40 Catalyst award

March 17, 2011


Seven is a lucky number for Spokane ZEROREZ®. Currently celebrating seven successful years, they recently moved up to a 7,000-square-foot facility, and are adding their seventh truck to their fleet. It’s a small-business dream come true for owner Jeremy McGee.

Seven years ago, a young entrepreneur walked away from college knowing that he was ready to start making his mark on the world immediately. Or in this case, NOT making a mark on the world.

“I always knew I wanted to start my own business,” says the now 29 year old. Taking the time to find the perfect fit, the Spokane resident chose an environmentally conscious approach to carpet cleaning. He became the fourth franchisee of ZEROREZ®, a company that would soon be changing the entire industry for the better.

“We were green before ‘green’ became a buzz word,” McGee says with a smile. “Our process doesn’t use any soaps, shampoos, or detergents.” The company didn’t just take this approach because it was good for the environment, though, they took it because it was good for the customer. With a patented process that utilizes “empowered water™” instead of soap, this company is able to avoid leaving any residue behind on customers’ carpets. That is, after all, how they got the name ZEROREZ®.

“Our company has revolutionized the entire market. You used to look at the ads and see things like ‘professional service’ or ‘quick drying times.’ Now, you see ‘low residue.’ We’ve set the direction for the industry.”

It’s not just carpets, either. ZEROREZ® can clean just about any household surface with their truck mounted system: upholstery, granite, air ducts, tile, mattresses, rugs, and more. All with no risk to children, pets, or plants. “Empowered Water™ is an alkalized fluid that acts like soap without being soap,” McGee explains. “It’s so safe that you can literally drink it.”

ZEROREZ® Spokane has seen incredible growth, not just because of their green approach, but also because of their customer service and work ethic. Despite a difficult economy, the company has grown steadily from the days when McGee says, “it was just me and a truck.” Now, eleven Spokane families are supported by jobs with Zerorez.

Eleven is a great number, but seven is definitely the company’s lucky number right now. Seven years, seven trucks, and seven THOUSAND square feet.


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